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Piedras Naturales Baigorri is a family company that has been working in the world of stone for many years. This enables us to undertake any work in stone while still providing a personalised touch, to each customer, for each job.

We have our own quarry from which we extract sandstone and calcarenite of extraordinary quality.

We also work with all kinds of stone adapting to the needs of each customer.
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Baigorri Natural Stone

Our own

Having our own quarries enables us to offer a wide range of quality and guarantee a stable supply of materials, making our work competitive in the market.

In Piedras Naturales Baigorri we withdraw a natural product from the earth.

We use environmentally-friendly mining techniques to extract the stone, always putting special emphasis on causing the minimum environmental impact possible.

In Piedras Naturales Baigorri Piedras Naturales Baigorri we have one of the few-existing sandstone and calcarenite quarries. This type of stone is characterised for its hardness, texture and good ageing.

In our 8.000 m2 of facilities in Oteiza, the stone undergoes a transformation process.

We work with heavy machinery, heavyweight overhead cranes and tooling machinery of the best makes. Our aim is that the first transformation of these enormous blocks, the cutting and splicing, proves to be an economic industrial process, compensating with efficiency and productivity the cost of the finish, often hand-crafted.
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Cantera de piedra natural


Our services are intended for:


Private individuals


Construction warehouses

The characteristics of the natural stone and our commitment to the customer require maximum quality in the shaping and finishing.
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Positioning of the stone

Positioning of the stone /

If you cannot find someone to undertake the work, we give advice and seek out fitters for your work.

Bespoke stone cutting

Bespoke stone cutting /

Whatever the stone, we always adapt to our customers’ taste and needs.

Baigorri Natural Stones

Baigorri Philosophy /

Piedras Naturales Baigorri fulfils its commitments of delivery deadlines, quality and finish. To do this we have ample facilities equipped with the latest machinery accompanied by traditional tools. Combining technical means and expertise we achieve customer satisfaction.